I Survived A Rodney Blast 3

Finally, they bring King Rodney the Goddess herself, Cytherea. While the two wenches warm up the royal staff, Cytherea warms herself with her hands, already starting to show off her infamous squirting. Soon she joins in and takes over the cock sucking, until Rodney is ready to ram his rod into her honey pot. It doesn't take long before she starts squirting all over the place. Every time they change positions, she has yet another orgasm, and gives Rodney yet another drenching. When he's finally ready for the big moment, she insists before taking the historical Blast that he take the Goddess's Gush. With the wenches by his side, Cytherea unleashes an amazing spray of girl goo all over the three of them. Now she's ready for the record books. Cytherea becomes Rodney Blast Survivor #1000 and gets the coveted creaming, while the two wenches lick the royal goo off of her face.

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